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Official Theme Song for No Boundaries IV


We're proud to announce that Muse, the band that provided the From Dusk 'Til Dawn theme song, has partnered with the EWA and will present the official theme song for No Boundaries IV! The single is entitled "Take A Bow" and the lyrics are listed below! 

"Take A Bow"
You're corrupt
Bring corruption to all that you touch
You behold
And beholden for all that you've done
And spin
Cast a spell
Cast a spell on the country you run
And risk
You will risk
You will risk all their lives and their souls
And burn
You will burn
You will burn in hell, yeah you'll burn in hell
You'll burn in hell
Yeah you'll burn in hell
For your sins
And our freedom's consuming itself
What we've become
It's contrary to what we want
Take a bow
You bring death, and destruction to all that you touch
You must pay
You must pay for your crimes against the earth
Yeah hex
Feed the hex
Feed the hex on the country you love
Now beg
You will beg
You will beg for their lives and their souls
Now burn
You will burn
You will burn in hell, yeah you'll burn in hell
You'll burn in hell
Yeah you'll burn in hell
You'll burn in hell
Yeah you'll burn in hell
For your sins

In addition, we have learned that the secondary theme song for the PPV extravaganza will be "Take Me to the Riot" performed by Stars, which is conveniently befitting to an event of this magnitude. 

As always, stay tuned to for all things wrestling related! 

Exclusive Interview with Splinter


In Chris Hyatte's new interview series, things heat up when Hyatte presents a three-part career retrospective interview with the legendary and controversial Master Splinter. 

In part one, read about Splinter's thoughts on former co-workers Jesse Ventura, Arn Anderson, Jeff Murrey, and Krusader Batman. Read about Splinter's difficult decision to jump to ECW and so much more. 

In part two, Splinter talks about his relationship with Slammu, his tenure in the USWA, his relationship with Benny Mouse, and so much more. 

In the final part of this series, read about Splinter's thoughts on how he hopes his career will be remembered when he finally hangs up the boots and retires. 

Go to the forum > Interviews page in order to get the low down on this amazing career from a bird's eye view! 

EWA Chairman Benny Mouse interview


Recently, Chris Hyatte of had the chance for a one-on-one sit down interview with the chairman of the EWA and of BWM Inc., Benny Mouse. You can't miss this candid interview where Benny dishes about No Bondaries, the competition, and so much more! 

Follow this link for the interview. 

Revolution Returns


Last night, Revolution returned to officially kick off the road to No Boundaries IV. It was a night full of action that saw AJ Styles and Ken Shamrock battle it out in a wonderful technical showcase, Sean Olsen squeak by the legendary Bret Hart, and The Ladies Man recapture the X-Division championship after Christian cost Splinter the match. That, in conjunction with the spectacle that was the attempted wedding between Kevina Love and Sonjay Dutt led to another victory for the EWA. 

Overnight national numbers show that despite the recent roll of our competitor, the UWA, 

Welcome to the new


The Elite Wrestling Alliance always strives to be competitive and innovative. This is not just a business philosophy, it's our way of life! Now, we have broadened this philosophy and taken it from the ring to the internet! Version 3.0 combines the best features of yesterday with the best features of tomorrow, bringing you a sleek, accessible, and revolutionary website! 

Please, take your time and navigate through our new features, including quicklinks to the most recent videos posted on! Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you again real soon!

Breaking News: HCW Star Appears on Revolution


On tonight's installment of Revolution, a former HCW star made his debut during the Miz's new talk show, the Dirt Sheet. This star outlined his intentions for the land of the Elite and even competed in a match! 

If you missed it, be sure to check out EWA Revolution, accessible for your convenience on the new!

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